Jay and Stacey

Jay and Stacey

Friday, August 5, 2011

4 Things Friday 8/5/11 - WootWoot Week

1) The week really began on Tuesday when we found out that Jay DID NOT get laid off from Cisco. This event set up a great rest of the week. The old Jay is back. The funny, calm, amazing guy that disappeared when they announced layoffs three months ago kicked the stressed and cranky Jay to the curb Tuesday night. Life is so good! You don't realize how much stress and angst you are carrying until it's gone.

2)Wednesday was a great day. Janey got a clean bill of health at the opthomologist - another year without retinal damage due to diabetes. Then we went to the barn and Janey had a great lesson - it involved Sunny and cantering, that is always a good thing. THEN,we had dinner with some great friends at a local restaurant called Batik. It was WONDERFUL as always. A Great - but busy - Wednesday!

3) Thursday included a girls' day out. Janey and I got mani-pedis and then went out to lunch and shopping at the bookstore. It really was a wonderful mother/daughter day - Jack hung out with the neighbors! Again, Fabulous Day!

A great pic of us girls at the Keys game in July!

4) Friday started off rough. I went to Weight Watchers and I gained 1.8 pounds this week. I had done everything right - drank water, went for a run, counted my points, ate lots of fruit and veggies......I was so shocked by the weight gain that the lady behind the scale was afraid I was going to cry, and I did, just not in the meeting. I got out to the car and had to chat with someone who could help me through the sobs. Who did I call and who made it all better? Not a girlfriend, but my BEST friend, Jay. He reminded me that even with the gain this week I was still down 41 pounds and that was nothing to cry about. He told me I should be proud of the hard work I put in and that I was beautiful. He said I should think about my weight loss like the stock market. Some days it is up and some it is down but, in the end, what matters is riding out the bumps and staying in for the long haul. Am I mad I gained, yes. But did I LOVE getting a really great amazing reality check and pep talk from the world's best husband? You bet! It almost made the 1.8 worth it!

But the day just kept getting better as we prepared for our annual trip to the Jersey Shore.

But wait, there's more. Now that finances are set, and since we missed the big Disney trip this past July, we are GOING ON A CRUISE with the Horman family in November. Booked the balcony cabin today.

This is the boat!

And lastly, as a reality check to myself, I tried on a formal dress that I have not fit into for about 8 years. I have kept it all these years because I love it and I had hoped to fit back into it. Tried it on - it fits. Now I want that dress to be too big - it just takes time.

This is that dress...soon it will be too big...soon it will be too big!

See you Sunday for the weekend Wrap-up!

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  1. That dress is hot, and you will look amazing in it. How's the workouts going?? How much more are you trying to shed??? Surely you're past the halfway point! great job, keep at it