Jay and Stacey

Jay and Stacey

Friday, June 3, 2011

4 for Friday - June 3

1) Stacey bought new bathing suits in a size 14 - a size she hasn't seen in many years. At one point during the bathing suit selection Jack called her "sexy mommy' and she was very happy. One of the suits is a "Michael Kors' and makes her feel very posh. Another is red and low cut and makes her feel very Marilyn Monroe. She only needed a small drink after such a traumatic experience.

2) Jay got to go to a baseball game at Nationals Park. He got to watch from a club box which was amazing. We might all need to go to a game soon.

3)Damascus High School class of '11 officially graduated on June 2nd. Stacey is very proud of her babies but she will miss a few of them very much. This would have been the year that Ryan Didone would have graduated, but he was killed in a car crash in 2008. Graduation was bittersweet, but made Stacey remember how precious her own children are. The beauty of graduation day was watching another student, who was very seriously injured in the crash that killed Ryan, get her diploma. God works in mysterious ways. I'm sure he has a plan, sometimes I wonder what it is.

4) Janey got to go on a trail ride at horseback this week. She had a blast and is doing very well on the horses. She wants to lease a horse but mom and dad are still a little nervous about that kind of commitment to a 4 legged animal of that size. We shall see....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All About Books - AKA Wordy Wednesday

I decided that Witty Wednesday should be about cool things I read or learned this week. I could call it Book Club Wednesday, but it lacks alliteration. So, Wordy Wednesday it is.

I am in two book clubs - a regular club and a history club - so I am constantly reading new things and learning things I never knew. This summer I will be doing lots of reading for work and for pleasure so this is where I will compliment or complain about what I am reading.

For example, two months ago our book was "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand (the lady that wrote "Seabiscuit") and I learned about Japanese POW camps during WWII and how badly they treated American soldiers. Wow, that was tough stuff to read but fascinating. If you haven't read it, give it a try. It is a fast and interesting read. Very moving and motivational too.

This week, for history book club, I am reading "Founding Brothers" by Joseph Ellis, which is about the founding fathers in the years after the Revolutionary War. I just finished the chapter on the Aaron Burr vs. Alexander Hamilton duel. Burr won, but he was a real schmuck, too bad the ending didn't go the other way. Hamilton was a real patriot and upstanding guy; Aaron Burr, not so much....

For AP Lit in the fall, I am STILL working my way through "Grendel" by John Gardner. This is a retelling of the story of "Beowulf" but told from the monster's point of view. Very interesting but also kind of daunting as there is a ton of stuff about philosophy in it. Arrgghh. It is also pretty funny in places so that makes it easier. I am just bogged down with work at school so it is taking longer. Alas.

More books next Wordy Wednesday! See you then!